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I took good care of them for a couple of months to make sure they were growing well.

Too much salt can kill you, literally!

The picture below shows the three plants just before being sprayed with a weed killer. Homemade weed killer — Before being sprayed, June After treatment, all three pots were added to my nursery of potted seedlings, which are watered every day unless it rains. They received sun most of the day, with a bit of shade late in the day. From experience, I know Roundup takes about 10 days to start showing results.

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Plants are usually dead at the 2 week mark. It looks like salt also did a good job and that was not unexpected. Salt, at high levels, is toxic to most plants. Vinegar had browned off the leaves a bit after spraying, but new ones soon grew back. The vinegar treated plant is smaller than before spraying, but is growing fine.

You can see from the above picture that the salt sprayed on the plant was not enough to kill it. Things might have been different if the plant had been in the ground. Salt is very soluble in water, and more watering means that it is washed away quicker. The plant would not have been watered as much if it was in the ground and so the salt might have stuck around longer, in turn killing the plant. But that is just a guess. The salt treated plant is not nearly as large as the vinegar treated plant.

So salt certainly affected the dandelion more than the vinegar spray. Salt may be better at getting rid of weeds, but it is just not a good idea for treating weeds in the garden. Adding salt to your garden is not good for your plants or the environment. The pickling vinegar did do some initial damage to the leaves, but it clearly did not kill the plant.

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See Vinegar Weed Killer Myth for more details. Vinegar will not kill most weeds in the garden. Some recipes recommend a mixture of both vinegar and salt. This is probably more effective than just vinegar alone, but again salt is just no good for the garden. I would not use it. Many of you will have trouble believing me when I say Roundup is less damaging to the environment than salt. Roundup degrades fairly quickly as bacteria and is converted to water and CO2.

Bug-A-Salt 2.0 Insect Eradication Gun

Salt stays in the environment for ever. Why did Bayer loose the court cases concerning Roundup? They lied and had ghost writers help them. Just google Monsanto Ghost Writers. They signed papers that they were independent from Monsanto. Why did Tufts Vet. Tufts blames the cancer in dogs from herbicides Roundup. In the EPA said that because of unacceptable levels of the insecticide in food and drinking water it planned to ban the pesticide from agricultural use. But pressure from chemical industry lobbyists have kept the chemical in wide use on American farms.

In , for example, the EPA had a tolerance for glyphosate in oats at 0. Money talks, Bayer spends 8 million a year for lobbyists. Please do your homework, read the trial reports. Roundup will be the new asbestos.

The court case proves nothing. It is simply the opinion of the general public, who on this subject is poorly informed. Yellow archangel has become very invasive on my property. I read that glyphosate is about the only thing that will kill it, and it has helped. At least vinegar and salt does not cause cancer. As much as I dislike Monsanto and glphysphate, now merged with Bayer, it works wonders getting pesky vines out of an area of the garden. After using RoundUp for a couple years I decided to switch to diesel fuel. Super fantastic result. Mmm, Monsantos paid research shows it as safe, too many reports refer to this research and go,on to rubber stamp its conclusions.

Took a long time and some big compensation cases for the system to accept that there was a link between cigarettes and cancer. Also recently that the single piece of research referee to by US authorities concerning safety and the wholesomness of sugar was paid for by the sugar companies. Untill I can find a piece of research that is new and genuinly not utilising others work, I will take any comment with regard to the safety of any Monsanto product with a pinch of salt.

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So may be itnis getting broken down quite in the manner we are being led to beleive. I have a small holding and we will not use Glyphosphate anywhere near any food crops or on ground that is foing to be grazzed by animals destined for the food chain. Scientists themselves are very wary of stating anything as categorical fact.

This is not the concensus. For example they forgot to mention that another group at WHO concluded that glyphosate is not a carcinogen. Nor did they report that IARC in reaching their conclusion ignored a large amount of research data. Probably more effective in drier climates than humid ones.

Never heard that before.

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So a lack of hairs on a plant prevents stomata from closing? I have a lot of Bermuda grass which is almost impossible to kill so I do use this mixture often to some success. My argument with you is RoundUp. Glyphosates are NOT good for us. They kill not only weeds but are harmful to pollinators, like bees, and are responsible for killing them in droves as well as other factors that bees have to contend with. Also, this chemical has been proven to cause cancer. It shows up everywhere in honey for example and breast milk and in California we are making Monsanto label this chemical as cancer causing.

So please do not suggest to people that RoundUp is safe because even though it is successful in killing weeds it is also successful in killing beneficial insects and possibly causing cancer in all of us.

Homemade Weed Killer - Roundup vs Vinegar vs Salt

Your understanding of glyphosate is completely wrong. California has a stupid law that requires just about everything to be labeled as a carcinogen, including Disney World and the power cables for computers. It has also been banned by several countries. Look at the HPV shots, for example. They were sure these shots were safe, only to find out later that they were not. In the case of Round Up we are way past a wait and see period.

It has been around so long we now know. The lawsuit tells us nothing about safety.

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There is no scientific evidence of Roundup causing Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma — you are listening to online nonsense. Also, applying a little bit of salt at a time over a period of time, that eventually become toxic to your plant, is the same as dumping a lot of salt over a short period of time, your end result is unhealthy, salty soil. However, my opinion aside, their product is not something evil… even if they might be.

Good article! We have weeds in the pavers and from garden that need poisoning.

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Trying to keep him out of the yard to weeks would be hard. Any other suggestions?? Use cold water and vinegar every week or so. When it comes to a patch of poor quality chalk land covered with a few inches of willow leaf mould, which seems to be a perfect ground for stinging nettles 3ft-5 ft c.

It seemed likely that sodium chlorate powdered crystals might be more successful, and may have been but only for half a year.